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*Today we’ll discuss the infamous writer HP Lovecraft. Known for his contributions to the world of sci-fi and horror with his Cthulhu Mythos; we’ve seen his influence in many films that show us a nihilistic future with demonic aliens stripping humans down to their basic functions before obliterating them. Films like Color Out of Space, Dunwich Horror, and Mouth of Madness depict such a future. But what influenced HP Lovecraft? We’ll discuss who he was, the type of stories he wrote, and the occult influences:

· Occult concepts

· Necronomicon

· Ancient Aliens

· Racism

· Magick and Creating Reality

· Connections to Crowley
*Also- previously we did a show on Dunwich Horror.
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*This HP Lovecraft show is #2 in a 4-part series I’m doing. Part 1 was about Cognitive Models (the scientific basis for magick), Part 3 will be Color Out of Space (new Cage film) review, Part 4 will be The Fourth Kind.
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