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In 1921, an Anglo-Irish explorer leading a reconnaissance expedition on Mount Everest reported seeing strange footprints on the slopes of that mighty peak. Newspapers around the world went into a frenzy, speculating on the existence of a race of strange creatures in the high snowy peaks of the Himalayas. It was to be the beginning of the West’s fascination with the Yeti. At the cabin in the woods, Cian uses this story to delve into the fascinating worlds of 1920s Everest expeditions, 1950s cryptozoology, the liminal world of the Anglo-Irish, colonial era-spy adventures in remote locations, and the tale of the only Asian bear ever to live in Mullingar. Pour yourself a whiskey for this episode: HOWARD-BURY’S FOOTPRINTS: THE DISCOVERY OF THE YETI.


Anomalies by Garth Haslam


Howard-Bury Article by Jason McKevitt


Yeti: An Abominable History by Graham Hoyland


Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance by Charles Howard-Bury


Abominable Snowman: Legend Come To Life by Ivan T Sanderson, 1961