How To Know If You Have Paranormal Sensitivity

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Sometimes you just know that something is off. Sometimes you know when you’re not alone, even when you can’t see or hear anything around you. Periodically those feelings are verified in a way that can only be described as traumatic. This is how life started for Rylie Cousins. A life of moving from house to house and ghost to ghost at every turn. Were spirits attracted to Rylie and her family, or does she have a unique ability to see and hear spirits on the other side?

    • What kind of negative energy followed Rylie after moving away from their grandma?
    • What was calling Rylie’s name in her new home, and what did it want?
    • Does Rylie think spirits are following her, or is she just able to sense them more than others?
    • When Rylie’s stepdad passed a drug overdose, what supernatural occurrences began to show up around the family?
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