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In a very different direction for the show, we delved into literary history (both Laura & Caoimhe were delighted!) and just how haunted writers of the Victorian period were…

Focusing predominantly on occultists, we dived into palmistry, automatic writing & clairvoyance in 19th century Ireland. 'Honey, I Contacted the Dead' couldn't be any more apt as we look at famous Irish writers and their clairvoyant wives…from predicting the demise of the Titanic to constantly trying to contact Oscar Wilde (why wouldn't you) we decided to embrace our inner Victorian dandy with a whiskey based cocktail complete with an absinthe wash…yea, we didn't have too many! One of the strongest drinks we've had, Alex tried to incite his own third eye and his recipe can be found on our Instagram @irishspiritspodcast

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