Hollow Moon: Alien Spacecraft or Plain Planetoid | 88

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Forget the Flat Earth or Hollow Earth. This week we’ve got the real wool that’s been pulled over all of our proverbial eyes…the MOON IS HOLLOW. Not only is it hollow, but our alien overlords put it there…or flew it there…or something, but don’t sweat the small stuff. The weird part it there’s actual more science behind this one than flat earth has ever had! No one knows for sure exactly where the moon actually came from and why every test says it’s so much less dense than it should be. This week we strap on our spacesuits and go on a moonwalk. Plus, Conspiracy Bot works on making Energon Cubes (he fails), we take a trip down memory lane at Spencer’s (to buy red mercury), and yes, somehow both Reptilians and Nazis make their way into this story (we give up). All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t sure what’s going on on the moon, but we’re sure it isn’t normal – Hysteria 51.

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