Hillbilly Deadtime Stories Ep 91 Linda Vista Community Hospital

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Hospitals are optimal spaces for hauntings and ghost sightings, particularly on a rainy night shift after midnight.

The majority of the staff and visitors have gone home, the patients are asleep and the only sounds are the occasional beep of an IV machine, heard echoing in a patient’s room.

That’s when the creep factor tends to settle in. (And let’s not talk about having to do an unexpected late night drop-off at the morgue!)

Ghost hunters and spiritualists will tell you that hospitals are prime territory for ghosts. As places where both life and death are common occurrences, hospitals may become haunted by lost spirits, confused and bewildered after leaving their bodies.

The combined human and spiritual suffering can also attract other entities, both benign and malevolent.


Thank you to WorkingNurse.com and Ersilia Pompilio, RN, MSN, PNP for the information in this episode.

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