Hillbilly Deadtime Stories Ep 85 Minxiong Ghost House

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Taiwan is a very superstitious country.

these superstitions stem from legends, folklore, traditions, customs that have been practiced throughout generations, and many more

Some of these may seem strange to other cultures.

For example, If students trim their nails during the examination period, they will end up with failing grades for their subjects

But some are more paranormal related

Before entering paid lodging be sure to knock and say, “Sorry for the intrusion, but please let me stay for a few days.” Then, politely step to the side so that potential occupants living in that room will have a chance to exit.

It is believed that if people do not announce their intended visit, the potential spirits living in that room would feel like their space has been invaded and thus might bring bad luck to the people living in that room.[

Attendees of a Taiwanese opera show should not sit in the front row, because the first row is reserved for spirits.

It should not be a surprise that there are numerous Taiwanese stories of haunted houses.

In this episode you will learn about one of the most well known, the Minxiong Ghost House





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