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Hey Deb have you seen this? Is the most often used phrase that I hear. Everyday from all corners of the earth people send me newspaper articles, videos, podcasts, images and all manner of crazy, weird and extreme stories and reports. Sometimes I get the same article sent by several different people and although I enjoy them, I rarely share them. Then at a recent get together with a number of well known podcasters I shared a few of tales that I had received over the years and was repeatedly told “you should share these Deb”. So on that advice, tonight I have put together some of the reports I have received from listeners for your perusal.

A Dogman That Baited A Trap. What Was It Hunting? You Could Hear Its Heartbeat. LBL

What Came To Visit, It Was A Gruntal Thing

The Tuttle Bottoms Monster 1963

Does Bigfoot Live in the Berkshires?

It Looked Like an Upright Sloth

The County Clare Banshee


The Banshee Sang For My Uncle