Hawaiian Mysteries and Secrets

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This week on Expanded Perspectives we put an end to summer by talking about some strange and unusual mysteries that surround the islands of Hawaii. But first we start with the news where Cam brings up how a freelance photographer Randy Lathrop was riding his bicycle up and down Indian River Drive Monday morning like he does every week when he discovered something extremely unique. Left lying on the bank of the Indian River in Brevard County, among all the debris and displaced items left behind by Hurricane Irma, was a piece of history in the form of some sort of ancient canoe. Then, a guy from New Jersey calls into Coast to Coast with a bizarre incident that happened to his brother one night while fishing in Florida.

Then, two women in Florida claim they saw an unidentified bipedal creature. The two sisters said they were driving in daylight north of Cedar Key one week after hurricane Hermine on September 11, 2016 when they spotted the bigfoot-like creature crossing the highway. The surrounding area was reportedly flooded with standing water as a result of the hurricane. Finally, a California burger chain is installing a new robot as a replacement short-order cook. CaliBurger hired a robot dubbed “Flippy” at the joint’s Pasadena location. Creators at Miso Robotics call Flippy a “kitchen assistant,” meaning chefs and cooks will collaborate with the robot. The robot uses cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence to see what it’s cooking. Once a burger is cooked, Flippy picks it up and puts it on the bun. All of this and more on this weeks installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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