Haunting In The Home | Real Ghost Stories

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What do you do when something… or someone… living or dead, may be lurking in your house in the dark? 

Here is a preview of the story. 

 “We were at the furthermost part of the room and right at the end was a closet that we were not allowed to use because it was getting renovated.  We both heard the door start to open very very slowly.  We looked at each other and we both said it was probably nothing to worry about. But then it had shut so fast. We both ran out of there as fast as we could. We told no one and eventually we got over it. For years we have had small experiences but as we got older, we did not really worry about it and just brushed it off.  But when I was 16 something happen that I will never forget and till this day I keep thinking about it.  I had gotten sick and had to stay home from school. My parents were at work and my sister was a school. I was completely alone. While I was in my room doing homework on my bed, I had the door wide open. I was starting to feel very anxious suddenly and went to reach for my water that was on the bedside table when I felt someone staring at me. I looked at the door and as cliche as it sounds, I saw a girl around 10 years old, golden blonde hair wearing what looked like a blue dress. I felt everything happen in slow motion.”

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