Haunted St. Vincent Academy, Part Two | Grave Talks CLASSIC

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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

What went on behind the walls of the former haunted St. Vincent Academy, a Catholic orphanage in Western Kentucky? What still lurks behind the walls of the haunted St. Vincent Academy today walls to this day? In today’s episode of The Grave Talks, we talk with paranormal investigator Steve Asher about his time investigating haunted St. Vincent Academy and its community. A community filled with kind, honest, down-to-earth people who have been experiencing heavy paranormal activity for generations. Why is it that this area is such a hotbed of paranormal activity? Who are the souls that still linger day in and day out, and what do they want? There is much more to activity in this area beyond the haunting of St. Vincent Academy. This is Part Two of our conversation.

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