Haunted Police Stations

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show by talking about Kyle’s new toy, the weather, and how both guys wish they had an indoor shooting range! Then, where did the missing missile end up that the US military shot at one of the four UAPs they recently shot down? Next, a Pennsylvania woman is traveling to North Carolina to visit a friend, While in Beaver, West Virginia she observes a 7-8 inch tall cloaked ‘Glimmer Man’ figure trying to cross the road. Then a person writes into the show about a possible Dog Man encounters in Michigan.

After the break Cam brings up some Haunted Police Stations. Haunted house attractions are fairly common in the U.S., some people want to experience real ghosts and ghouls, especially around Halloween. The United States is full of historical homes with interesting (and spooky) stories attached to them, and it’s not too hard to find “real” haunted houses if you know where to look. Anyone who is a fan of ghost hunting or paranormal investigation shows can tell you where you might run into some of the country’s scariest real-life ghosts. Famous homes like the Whaley House, the Winchester Mystery House, and Lizzie Borden’s Fall River home all have well-known reputations for scaring visitors out of their wits. We get it, abandoned hospitals, morgues, funeral homes, old sanitariums, and creepy old houses are often times haunted. But what about places you never think of like Police Stations? Turns out a lot of Police Stations are haunted!

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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