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In this episode we are heading back into our Haunted Mexico series for a part 2. Huge shout out and thank you to king time listener Karina for requesting us to dive back into this subject. Diving into decade old legends and lores we talk about a historical cemetery located in downtown Guadalajara where a multitude of legends and entities haunt the hollow grounds. While we didn’t cover every legend we do cover the Vampire Tree and a child entity that was afraid of the dark even in the after life. We swiftly move into some Aztec and Mayan stories on the afterlife and a story of women who died at childbirth and their flight back to Earth on specific days of the years. And finally we dive into a mysterious stone legend that surfaced in Zacatecas where multiple deaths occurred all because of a mysterious black stone. And finally Isaac shares some family stories that were centered in Mexico as well as our theories and insight on the hauntings in Mexico!

We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What’s coming next? : An episode all about the Astral Plane! Catch it next week!

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