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On this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives Kyle and Cam talk about a killer Chupacabra that is on the rampage in Russia and then they talk about some bizarre Highway Hauntings. Then Scott Alan Roberts joins the guys to talk about this years Paradigm Symposium. Take care and have a good week. Don’t forget to join us every thursday on Expanded Perspectives Elite. You can call the show at 817-945-3828. Or you can email the show at expandedperspectives@yahoo.com. Peace!!

Show Notes:


All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided with permission from Pretty Lights! Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com

Songs Used:

  • Pretty Lights vs. Led Zepplin
  • Where am I Trying to Go
  • Starlit Skies
  • Future Blind