Haunted Congress Hotel: Secret Rooms, Ghosts, and Shadow People | 66

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On the south edge of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile – Michigan Avenue – sits the historic Congress Hotel. Originally known for its opulence, it hosted national leaders and foreign dignitaries alike. But almost since its doors opened it’s also been known for something more sinister – it’s hauntings. From tales of trapped construction workers, to the elevator shafts that allegedly claimed so many lives, to the shocking number of suicides – the Congress is said to have seen its unfair share of death. Do ghouls now lurk its halls as guests sleep? Time to put our money where our mouth is and see for ourselves. We’ll take this show on the road to see if the Congress is truly haunted or if it’s just another urban legend to help sell ghost hunting kits. We go ghostbustin’ this week on Hysteria 51. Plus, Joe Peck returns to the show and brings us actual holy water from Jerusalem in case things get weird (no luck on the piece of the True Cross), Conspiracy Bot installs blast doors on the studio in an attempt to persuade the fellas to take him on the ghost hunt (would you let him loose in downtown Chicago?), and in an unrelated matter Conspiracy Bot no longer has access to a credit card (it’s related). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t stay at haunted hotels often, but when we do, they’re only the nicest haunted hotels – Hysteria 51.

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