Haunted Churches in Rural Manitoba – interview with Fatima

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Haunted Churches in Rural Manitoba – Interview with Fatima Part 1

On this week’s episode, Jas & Sher, your Audio Curators have a very special guest in the PodLounge. Fatima, who we interviewed via phone back in February, is here – LIVE- to talk about dead things and the paranormal. Unfortunately that original interview ended up to be inaudible and beyond Jas’ editing skills so we never ended up airing that episode. In turn we invited Fatima to come have a sit-down interview with us, which is broken up into 2 parts.

Today’s episode we focus on a rural church known to be haunted and was open to the public at that time she explored. It is also known to be haunted.

*WARNING* Jas & Sher do not encourage trespassing and to always recommend getting permission first*
Due to Privacy, we have removed the name and location of the church.

Fatima also discusses her contributions to some FaceBook Pages that that captures Abandoned houses and locations.

Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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