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Ground Zero is a nationally syndicated five-hour live broadcast originating from the KXL studios in Portland, OR and syndicated by the Sun Broadcast Group. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero is truly independent media and covers the spectrum of Fortean/paranormal and the para-political.

‘HAND ‘EM OVER W/ FRED MORROW’ – January 17, 2019

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Fearing potential violence, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and is banning firearms on the Capitol grounds in Richmond this Monday during a scheduled rally. He has hindered the people from peaceable assembly and he has snuck in bills that have infringed upon the Second Amendment. Well, a conspiracy is evident – there is no theory to propose, only the grim reality of state tyranny and actions from a governor who wants to perpetuate a civil war. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with a member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Fred Morrow about HAND ‘EM OVER.

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