Halloween Special ’22 – Episode 3 – Halloween Night

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast, Halloween Special 2022 – a production by Dissonance Media.  


Halloween Night is the story of a group of friends who decide to sneak out and check out the new haunted house in town. Things start to get a little sketchy when they feel they are being followed through the attraction by someone who is not on the staff, and it only gets worse from there. 


Halloween Night was written by C.D. Kester. Follow C.D. Kester on Twitter @CD_Kester and read The Bunker, available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. The link is in the description.



This episode was performed by Alvan Bolling II, Tetsuya, Limited Stories, James Barnett, and Victoria Irwin.


Steve was performed by Alvan Bolling II who is a mixed-race (Black & Japanese) American Actor, Singer/Rapper, Social Justice Advocate, Virginia-Native, Voice Actor/Voiceover Artist and the Creator & Host of The Ghost Light Theater podcast. Head to www.alvanthe2nd.com for more details on his projects.  


Tim was performed by Tetsuya who is a narrator, writer, and voice actor. For more from Tetsuya, head over to his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/TetsuyaH

Mario was performed by Limited Stories, who is a horror narrator. You can catch more of his work on YouTube. The link is in the description.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzstKwVDI6aYlRzZKos3plQ


The Carnie and The Creepy Man were performed by James Barnett. James is a writer, voice actor and narrator, podcast producer, and reluctant Transport Manager.  

For more works from James, head to www.jamesbarnettcreative.com  

To connect with him on Twitter and Instagram, follow @jimmyhorrors 


The 911 operator was performed by Victoria Irwin from the podcast – Texas: Slang for Crazy. A Podcast about Texas and its Unique and Crazy Identity.

To check it out head over to https://txslangforcrazy.com/ or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


This episode was produced and edited by James Barnett.


The Night’s End Halloween theme was composed by Duncan Muggleton. For more from Duncan, head to www.twitter.com/duncanmuggleton


Stay Horrific, Everyone.