Halloween Special ’22 – Episode 2 – Consumed

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast, Halloween 2022 special – a production by Dissonance Media.

No matter what you hunger, no matter what your craving is, you don’t always have the ability to sate it… Or do we?

Consumed was written by Ophelia Vang. Ophelia is found on most social media as @skettlepunk, and has a novel and micro anthology currently available, with a novella and novel series releasing next year.

This episode was narrated by Narlen Brando. To connect with Narlen, you can find him on Twitter @narlenbrando or for more scary content, head to www.wordsfrombehindthemask.com.

This episode was produced and edited by James Barnett.

The Night’s End Halloween theme was composed by Duncan Muggleton. For more from Duncan, head to www.twitter.com/duncanmuggleton

Stay Horrific, Everyone.