Halloween Special ‘21 – Episode 1 – Treats

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End Podcast Halloween Special 2021, which is a production of Dissonance Media.

Sarah’s celebrating Halloween with her grandpa, in a town where trick-r-treating is banned. She wants to know why, and tonight, she might just find out. 

Treats was written by Ian A. Bain. A writer of dark fiction living in Muskoka, Ontario. Ian enjoys Horror, coffee, and long walks through the swamp with his wife and undead dog. Ian’s stories have been previously published by Sanitarium Magazine, Madness Heart Press, Deadlights Press, Hellbound Books, and many others. Ian can be stalked on Twitter at @bainwrites. You can also check out his blog where he reviews Horror media: ianabain.wordpress.com 

The Narrator and Sarah were performed by Erika Ventura. Erika is a mother, narrator, visual artist, and animal husbandry technician. You can check out some of her artwork on Instagram www.instagram.com/efventu or you can visit her artist page at www.facebook.com/BioArtsy 

Grandpa was performed by Alvan Bolling II. He is a mixed-race (Black & Japanese) American Actor, Singer/Rapper, Social Justice Advocate, Virginia-Native, Voice Actor/Voiceover Artist, Creator & Host of The Ghost Light Theater podcast, and 2021 Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance. Head to www.alvanthe2nd.com for more details on his projects. 

This episode was produced and edited by James Barnett. 

The Night’s End Halloween theme was composed by Duncan Muggleton. For more from Duncan, head to www.twitter.com/duncanmuggleton 

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Thanks for listening and stay tuned for another tale tomorrow. 

And as always, Stay Horrific everyone.