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Tonight’s Halloween Special.

Everything paranormal is brought to you by Art Legends in History podcast and Carnation!

We have two Psychics to be on the show one for each hour. I would like to invite anybody who would like a link to get a free reading please post below.

Joan Marangoni is a psychic medium and master Reiki Practitioner. She owns and operates Joan’s Art Connect LLC where she offers lessons, paint parties and consignment work. www. joansconnect.com

@joansheartconnect for intuitive work.

Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D. DCH(IM). Founder of Sumaris Education Center & Clinic since 1976 in both UK & USA. I have been, in the past, guests on Various American and British news, ABC, NBC & BBC from 1970 – 1990 approx. Later I was interviewed for Japanese, Spanish and other programs as well as many radio shows across the US, UK and Europe and Japan… Author of 15 metaphysical books, the latest to be released: “Donald Trump: The Enigma of Society.” And, featured in the “Optimize Mental Health,” Think Before You Speak,” “Filmmakers Making A Social Impact,” “Ways to Develop Serenity During Anxious Times,” “Women in Wellness,” and “Thought Leadership” Series on AuthorityMagazine.co, Founder—YitziWeiner.com, websites and on ThriveGlobal.com too. And, also on Fupping.com where my book “The Rejection Syndrome” was featured in the “Conquer Your Insecurities With These 18 Powerful Books. I also have been featured on TheLiteraryGoddess.com podcast, Dove and Dragon Radio, “Create with Trip Elix,” “CrypticChroniclesPodcast.com,” and “Living and Thriving with Rustie: Rustie MacDonald.”