Halloween 2022! Rob McConnell Interviews – TANYA AND JOEY MADIA – The Haunted Webb Library in Morehead City in North Carolina

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Joey and Tonya Madia spent two years “investigating” the Webb Library in Morehead City North Carolina, where they claim that their investigation turned up a portal (interdimensional), an interdimensional creature, hallways filled with spirits and ghosts, some of them very angry, as well as a UFO connection. The ghosts and spirits, as well as the interdimensional being, were seen through the psychic abilities of Tanya who claims to be a psychic even though in the bio that she supplied our producer there is no mention of “psychic” ability what so ever.
Here is the bio that was provided to our producer for Tanya: “Tonya Madia is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is passionate about helping others on their journey. Her lifelong experiences with the paranormal led her to the field of paranormal investigating, and she has been working in the field since 2009. Tonya offers workshops on developing intuition, yoga, meditation, and dreamwork. She has written articles about clairvoyance, yoga, and meditation, and is the co-writer of the book for the award-winning short musical, The Think it Thru Revue, which toured the southwest United States promoting abstinence and teen pregnancy prevention.”
Here is the bio that was provided to our producer for Joey: “Joey Madia, when he is not investigating strange phenomena, is an award-winning screenwriter, audio dramatist, playwright, novelist, actor, and director. His screenplay The Man at the Foot of the Bed (based on a true story by Josette Saginario) has been a two-time Official Selection and a Beverly Hills Film Festival invitee. He is the author of four books on using theater in the classroom (The Stage Learning Series, Accompany Publishing, 2007) and is working on a fifth book, Every Day is a Story All its Own, about the art, craft, and importance of telling our stories. His award-winning poetry, nonfiction essays, and short stories have been widely published. He is the author of two novels: Jester-Knight (New Mystics, 2009) and Minor Confessions of an Angel Falling Upward (Burning Bulb Publishing, 2012). “
It should be noted that Joey and Tanya claim to have had a UFO experience of their own while driving their car at 70 mph the UFO hovered over their vehicle at an estimated distance of 20’ and they were able to see the belly of the craft including the red yellow, blue and green lights. There was no photo taken as they did not have a camera with them… the police were not called… however, a report was made to MUFON.
Listen to the interview and make your own conclusions.
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