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David’s father Michael J. Campione, started his UFO/flying saucer research in 1948. David’s life growing up exposed him to numerous UFO/flying saucer information and experiences with extraterrestrial space craft. Most of this was done from 1950 to the 1990’s. David was a member of Delval, Delaware Valley, UFO non-profit organization, Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. His interest in extraterrestrial visitors continues to present time. David produced and narrated a UFO/Flying Saucer documentary on VHS. David produced Michael’s space craft photographs and information he had accumulated from various people around the United States, including Mr. Paul Villa’s photographs of a flying saucer, during the daytime and up close and personal. All this information was made into a 59 minute documentary; “The World’s Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer video” and was presented at a UFO convention in Las Vegas, NV. David was awarded the “EBE”, extraterrestrial biological entity, for the best UFO documentary in the world under one hour. David has published and is available on amazon.com, “UFO SPACE CRAFT IDENTIFICATION MANUAL”. David has over 45 years as a professional commercial industrial, freelance and stock photographer. He is proficient in the use of large format cameras, 8×10 down to the new digital cameras which he uses for his wildlife photographs.

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