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Kon’nichiwa weirdos,

welcome to part two of our trip around the globe to find the world’s STRANGEST PLACES!! You won’t need as much sun screen this week but you might need a stronger stomach.

Ashley starts us off by taking us to the birthplace of strangeness: Peru!  Specifically the shores of Lake Titicaca as we investigate the Puerta de Hayu MarcaРtranslation- THE GATE OF THE GODS!! This strange carving has caught the attention and imagination of archaeologists and ufologists alike for years!

And Lauren is giving us a tour of some of the world’s strangest museums!! We have the pleasure of stepping into a room full of d*cks, see a corpse in a phone booth, use the world smallest lawn mower, and even attempt to escape a cave full of hair.

Make sure your passport is up to date, grab your clean drinking water and enjoy this absolutely bananas foster episode