HAARP: The US Government’s Weather Manipulator | 50

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Can the government “weaponize” the weather? Are cataclysmic natural events around the world actually the result of an even colder war taking place between enemy states? If so, how would they do it? Enter HAARP – the The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska. To some – a harmless antennae field in the middle of nowhere Alaska put in place to help study and expand worldwide communication abilities. But to others (ya know, the woke types) it’s a microwave on steroids ready to cause the next great tsunami or burn up a foreign dictator like an ant under a magnifying glass. But where lies the truth? The H51 I-team investigates. Plus, C Bot has a new money making scheme (it isn’t very good), he has a new rap, (it too isn’t very good), and he stars in a new episodes of Bag and Bot (also not very good). All of that and more on the podcast that can’t control the weather, but certainly likes to make it rain – Hysteria 51.

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