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Lauren returns to the cabin to discuss all things H.R. Haggard, especially his deep obsession with ancient Egypt.

We cover:

-Haggard in ‘Who’s Who in Egyptology’

-his own visits to Egypt

-his writing of ‘Cleopatra’

-his mania for collecting Egyptian rings

-his dislike for modern, changing Egypt

-his friendship with Howard Carter

-his attempts to exonerate Western archaeologists


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My H Rider Haggard favourites: She (1887) Cleopatra (1889) Smith and the Pharaohs (1912-13 serially)

Visualhaggard.org all of Haggard’s illustrations


The Cloak that I Left by Lilias Haggard, (Hodder & Stoughton: London, 1951)

The Mummy’s Curse by Roger Luckhurst (Oxford University Press 2012)

The Mummy’s Curse by Jasmine Day (Routledge, 2006)

The Days of my Life by H Rider Haggard (written 1910-12, published posthumously in 1926 in 2 volumes)

You can read all of Haggard’s works for free on Project Gutenberg