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What is better than combining the conversation topics of music and the paranormal? Not much in our books, and that's exactly what we do for this guest episode of Hidden In The Shadows. In this bonus episode we bring on Maudlin, the band that does our intro and outro music. Maudlin has an amazing sound and we are thrilled that we can treat our listeners to a snippet every week at the beginning and end of every episode! In this interview, Isaac talks with two members of the band about their paranormal experiences and about music! Listen as our two worlds meld into one on this episode of Hidden In The Shadows!

And if by chance you dig our intro and outro music make sure to check out more Mauldin music on Spotify and on YouTube. And make sure to follow them on Instagram for all things Maudlin (@_maudlin_).

These guys are always a blast to talk to!

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