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Guess who has LED headlights? ME! These are spiffy!

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Guess who has LED headlights? ME! These are spiffy! Auxbeam F16 LED 9004 Headlight Bulbs are the headlights in my Dodge Ram Van. The light is crisp and bright and so far doesn’t seem to dazzle or blind other drivers.. The headlights I replaced are the brightest I could get and they were lacking. So I’m trying these and so far so good. These are about $50.00 and so far are worth it. (2PCS/SET) F-16 SERIES 9004 HI-LO BEAM LED HEADLIGHT CONVERSION BULB Product Code: 88623603 UPC: 611745594350 Plug Type: 9004,Hi-Lo Beam Power(each bulb): 20W@low beam,40W@high beam LED Quantity(each bulb): 4pc* high power CREE chips Working Voltage: DC 8~48V(Fit 12V/24V vehicle) Luminous Flux(each bulb): 2000lm@low beam, 3600lm@high beam Color Temperature: 6000K IP68 waterproof,360 degree Beam Angle Material: aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum Operating Temperature:-40 degree Celsius-150 degree Celsius Application: headlight

High power CREE LEDs, instant light up without delay Compact all-in-one integrated design, built-in driver keep the light stably. Throw super bright light on the road evenly at appropriate angle without dark spots/foggy light Solid beam pattern with sharp cut-off line, will not dazzle on-coming traffic 6000K white light reflect road signs and road paint better to show you clearer road situation Built-in turbo fan,control driver helps get optimal heat protection and performance

Package Included: 2x 9004 LED headlight bulbs 2x control Drivers*Turn on post notifications- so you won’t miss any of my cool videos* Thumbs Up and SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS every week!


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