Guardian of the Galaxy Rebecca Heineman – I ask; Is The Atari Club a CIA Front & We Talk About EVERYTHING else – This is My Alien Life!

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Rebecca Heineman is amazing and HERE TONIGHT!!

TONIGHT my co-hosts, Cassidae Lightwing and Kristin Harding speak with a real guardian of the Galaxy and 1980 Space Invader Champion Rebecca Heineman.  I ask Rebecca, “was the Atari club a CIA front…?”  Oh yeah I went there because my buddy Earl says it be true!

Rebecca is a computer programmer, game designer, writer, engineer, pilot, nurse, pastry chef, markswoman, and mother..

She’s responsible for games such as The Bard’s Tale III: The Thief of Fate, Dragon Wars, Tass Times in ToneTown, Borrowed Time, Mindshadow, The Tracer Sanction, Out of This World SNES, DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D for the 3DO and dozens of Macintosh and Apple IIgs conversions.

Her main hobby is writing fiction, based on her favorite animes such as Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon. She writes a daily webcomic called The Adventures of Sailor Ranko…

Tonight we will talk about EVERYTHING..

Rebecca Heineman can be found online at:


>>CIA Back Story Provided by Earl Potter.

After a decrease in UFO sightings and military encounters in the 1960’s and a resurgence of activity in the 1970’s, the US Government; particularly the CIA hatched a plan to infiltrate the civilian household to monitor alien experiences within our border.

January 1976,  in response to what was coined ‘the silent invasion, ” alleged American and Asian CIA agents began a multi-phased project consisting of four objectives.

1-Place monitoring devices in most American homes bordering Canada, the West Coast and rural Midwestern counties.

2-Update northern US radar sites with sophisticated detection of incoming and outgoing objects exceeding Mach 1.

3-Place operatives in strategic places (CLASSIFIED) globally to infiltrate groups suspected of having knowledge of the UFO/Alien phenomenon.

4-Condition American citizens to willingly turn over UFO/Alien evidence to local law enforcement trained to disseminate and vet top secret information collected.

This project was code named Operation SP-IRATA.  (SP in acronym has no known meaning)  The beginning of the CIA’s acquisition and collaboration of early technology companies; with their focus primarily on developing home systems of every kind.

In 1976 the United States developed a relationship with early gaming engineers of Japan.  JP-IRATA Phase 4 began.  The vision was to turn US teen gamers into unknowing UFO data collectors.


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