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Dedicated to BJ and Jean Evans…..& for my friends Edgar Lain, Cass, Rick Doty, Mark Chariff, Jackie Kleeb, Chris Barnes, Eva Blan, Dennis Koch, Timothy Earl, John Lear and everyone who’s listened or has had the patience for me to ask questions..   Thank you so much…


Episode 3 of 4  THURSDAYS….




Please see my website for photos from the podcast as well as the postcards mentioned.  There is also another suprise.  Much of the information he provided would give him away in a moment.  You get to hear excerpts.  He never mentioned keeping his identity secret; but I am sure if you wanted to find it bad enough, it is on a server and my computer.  My website of course is:


-BJ Evans-


You know the man; and now here is the conclusion to the story he initiated three years ago.


I apologize for the audio quality.  I sincerely thought I had everything I needed in Utah that weekend, but when you are harassed by weirdness everywhere you go, organization means nothing.  As we struggled through an interview I was able to improve the sound as it progresses.  Obviously.


Picture a tiny house (in my life in Montana, we just called it a house) north west of Salt Lake City.  The tall grass landscape is lovely if you like grass; otherwise it’s flat and there’s nothing to see.  A small kitchen and a 12X12 living room on the first floor and a small bedroom and tiny bathroom on the second floor.  This entire space is shared by three people.  Two men who don’t get along very well, mostly because BJ  doesn’t have patience with the one legged roommate.  The living room I have to say is nicely decorated, but again it’s small and my three companions for the weekend insisted we run the loud GE air-con non-stop.


It was difficult to record.


JEANjeanJEANjeanGRRGLLL, is the love of BJ’s life but not mine.  It’s impossible to get her to talk.  BJ suggested a 12-pack of PBR.  Jean, as I call her, spit beer into my microphone the first time I let her use it.  At that moment I had enough of her and I am sure they all knew that because the look on my face made them visibly cringe.  I hated that moment.  


All the while I was trying to spin a positive and remarkable tale on tape.  Sad it’s not fiction because it would be so much easier.  


I do believe I gleaned some worthy tidbits for podcasting, and enhanced my hatred for aliens, AND I spent way too much money on PBR…


Ok, the woman has green hair, ecru teeth, and smells like Lays Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips.  It seems she eats chips and drinks beer.  That’s her diet 95% of the time.  BJ says “it’s what these aliens do…”


Oh, I’m sorry I gave away part of the story here.  What can I say?


Could it get any worse?


Tripod the one legged roommate fell asleep over and over on one of two recliners in the room.  That would piss Jean off for some reason and she would jab him with his cane and he would wake up yelling “BEEEJAAAYYY!”  My feelings to this were revulsion.  The man was disgusting.  If we let him sleep, he would snore….OR, stop breathing all together and during those times we would kind of freeze up and stare at him.  I’m not sure if we were hoping he’d live or die.  


He lived.


I really wanted to get BJ alone, but that wasn’t possible.  That was my only thought.  The other two assholes made me fucking miserable and I just need to get over that.


Making that trip during the busiest part of my year was draining, but I had no other opportunity.  I sat on the recordings for a very long time and that was not my fault.  I was going through some health issues….there was COVID and I ended up getting COVID.  Between diabetes and COVID, my memory was shot.  I literally had to listen to the content five times to get some sort of timeline on paper to work with.  I did the best I could.


I want to thank you for listening.  I wish I had the time in my life to lay down content that was flawless.  I have that power, but not the amount of time required.  I also know how to get listeners in numbers and that would keep me amped enough to make more episodes.  I don’t have the time.  I am a working man and these efforts have been on the side.  It was enjoyable and I met a lot of people.


I have been a focused fan of the paranormal world my whole life.  I literally live it.  It’s in me.  It’s what I am.  There is so much about me left to tell, but it’s hard for me to get it out on tape or paper.  It’s painful.  It’s too much.  


Every episode was my way of saying thank you for indulging my interests.  Thank you for being there.


I just can’t thank you enough.  You are the reason I did this.


Thank you for My Alien Life.


Cameron Logan


04:17 AM MST

……On September 16, 2019, I received via email a 4 page PDF file from a man named BJ Evans who claims to have worked at Area 51 and S4.

The file was his book synopsis and 4 photos… The book covers his work at Groom Lake etc., and the photos are supposedly taken inside Area 51.

BJ has listened to most of my podcasts, and in the email he referenced two shows that had Area 51 content.

People send me pics, scans and other info every day. The unusual aspect of this email is that Mr. Evans wanted me to publish his book. I don’t publish books. I don’t want to publish books. I stated in fact to him, that I don’t do books and he should hurry and get this published on his own or find a publisher.

I produced his story. The process was physically and emotionally exhausting.


BJ Evans was on his way to a military retirement when he started working at Area 51. The next 3 years changed him. The man who’s name was synonymous with upward mobility, hated his job and did everything in his power to get out. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, BJ Evans was assigned another Top Secret assignment that found him fighting for his life..

BJ was an Army Veteran who spent 8 years serving in 4 different countries around the world. In 1987 he earned a Top Secret clearance and thought that would be his ticket to retirement and a dream home in Florida. What came next was a nightmarish two year assignment and a fear the government wouldn’t let him leave his job.

Then one day in December of 1990 he was stripped of his credentials, and put on a bus to Las Vegas. It was over.

“……..In Japan a bunch of us soldiers were playing baseball against a couple of local teams. There was a rumor our first basemen was going back to the states because he had a sweet duty assignment. I finally asked him what his plans were and he said he said he was going to do a security detail in San Diego…We went thru basic together and had identical careers at that point and I told him I loved San Diego.. A week later I got orders and two weeks after that we flew to Fort Bliss and spent a month in security training…. After that we flew to Las Vegas and they threw about 20 of us on a bus. We thought we were going to Nellis.. We never went to Nellis..” -BJ Evans-


“May you find peace in the world and may the universe let you slow down and rest.”




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