The Mr. Cemetery Show

Hosted ByJosh & Christa McKibben

(Explicit) The Mr.Cemetery Show is a podcast that's dedicated to the dark corners of the world. Through weird news, historical oddities, and other unexplained mysteries. Join us each Friday for some creepy and haunting stories. That is mixed with enough wackiness that you won't have to sleep with your lights on.

Great Now I Want Cotton Candy

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We are back and we have all the stuff you’ve been craving in your sick twisted lives.

We have new stories, new cohost and so much more

Mr.Cemetery tells the tragic story of a train wreak that is haunted by Circus Performers

Christa tells you the story of a haunted doll that isn’t Annabelle

Weird ass news has a story of a grandma who seen a demon on camera and a buried little girl that was forgotten

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