Gnomes & Duendes [Encounter Stories, Lore Behind The Legend, And More]

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In this episode we dive into the theories and paranormal encounters of the Gnome and The Duendes. We retell a couple encounter stories as well as our own theories about what they could be. We share researched theories and actually a personal encounter story that happened recently to Megan.

If you’re digging the intro music it’s actually a song called Stacy Dahl by a band called Maudlin. You can find more of their music on Spotify and Youtube and check up with them on Instagram @_maudlin_.

In this episode we actually mention a guest we had on the show a while back named Cosmic Miggy. He does YouTube and Tik Tok videos about the paranormal. He actually retold a story he’s featured on his Tik Tok and on the episode he guested on as well. Here’s the links to check him out!


Youtube:Cosmic Miggy

Tik Tok: @cosmicmiggy

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