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Ghouls Night In – Beausejour Ghost stories

You know when you go to hang out with a bunch of Chicks for drinks, munchies and a movie…..and the next thing you know….you start talking about Ghosts?? No? its just us…..oh ok.

A few weeks back Jas met up with some friends to watch ‘The Entity’ (yikes forgot how horrific that movie was!) On a previous episode we had Colleen and Doris in the Pod Cellar where they shared their own person stories with the paranormal and in turn on tonight’s episode, Colleen’s Mom Karen, started to share a few of her own.

Now, the stories she told were recorded on my iPhone so the quality isn’t perfect – apologies in advance. Plus in the background there were teenagers going up and down the stairs to the basement (just to explain the pounding noise) Just the same it was a cozy and creepy night listening to Karen’s stories from her days working in a Senior’s Care Home, the HSC and stories of ‘The Other’ side growing up in the Beausejour/Brokenhead area. Did we mention a quick Ouija Board story???

Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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