Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel | True Ghost Stories

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A family makes an exciting trip to Estes Park Colorado, only to discover that the Spirits of The Haunted Stanley hotel are ready and waiting for their arrival. 
Here is a preview of the story.
“I can’t figure out how to add the first picture so I’m just including the picture with the shadow figure next to me.  Of course, you get an eerie feeling when you’re in that area lots of ghost sightings and very old. Later that day we did the ghost tour at night time in the dark at night, as part of the tour they take you into the basement which is really a tunnel under the hotel I started snapping photos with my cell phone one of them includes two orbs I blew up the photo to look at the orbs more closely the larger of the two the one on the bottom has what appears to be a possible man and his profile look into the left that one is a bit of a stretch there is a second orb at the top of the photo at the top of the orb there is a more clear picture of an elderly man’s face staring directly into the camera when I show that to other people very clearly gives them the creeps makes their hair stand on end and there’s obviously some type of ghost.  I can also send a copy of that photo as it is very obvious there is something there I don’t know what orbs otherwise would be outside of the flash reflecting off dust that seems like the most obvious but then again why wouldn’t you have orbs on every photo in that case because there’s dust everywhere unless it’s just a random chance of how the dust reflects back and creates the orb.  Going back in time about 17 years, staying at the Kalispell grand hotel in Kalispell Montana in the middle of the night in one of two haunted rooms which we annoyingly were staying in a visitor came to my bedside a young woman she kept pulling down the covers just above my knees and was talking to me trying to get my attention she was shaking the bed as well my wife was oblivious as I asked her and walk her up if she felt the bed move.”

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