Ghosts of The American Revolution | A Conversation With Sam Baltrusis

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The American Revolution was one of the darkest chapters in the history of a nation. Death, destruction, and the worst of human nature made themselves known all those years ago. But is the energy and emotion from that tragic time locked in history? Or, do the same dark throughs, fears, and anxieties remain today, not only in the living but in the souls of the very people who once walked this earth in physical form all those years ago? Today we hear about those spirits and listen to their words as we discuss the Ghosts of The American Revolution with Sam Baltrusis.

  • Who are some of the spirits and messages that are lesser-known who you’ve communicated with about the American Revolution?
  • How did some spirits try to set the record of history “straight” through Sam?
  • Did Sam get any messages or stories that are not historically documented about the American Revolution?
  • What were some of the most surprising things Sam learned when channeling for the American Revolution?