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Something strange is happening in Winnipeg.
This week our Audio Curators, Jas and Sher, go on a Road Trip armed with the Magnetic Sphere of Fortune, a Ghost Detector…..snacks….and beverages to West Kildonan.
Theresa (Jas’s friend and co-worker) has been reporting strange events in her 100 year old home for the last 3 years. However, the activity has only been occuring to her skeptical (now former) boyfriend.
Jas did research and will reveal who Theresa’s roommate from another dimension could possibly be!
Is this poltergiest trying to turn her boyfriend into a believer? Or does the Spirit know something dark about him and is trying to get him out of THEIR house!
Also listen to the Follow-up portion as we discuss the ‘Aftermath’ in which things went horribly wrong.