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Ghost of Rhoda Derry | The Grave Talks Revisited

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Rhoda Derry was a victim of our society’s once cruel and bizarre system of treating the mentally ill. Her life was also an example of how one can find peace and overcome such disturbing treatment when matched with the right care. Does the spirit of Rhoda Derry still haunt the last location she called home? Did the horrendous abuse suffered by Rhoda Derry leave a permanent imprint on the world we live in today? Some still claim to see the ghost of Rhoda Derry to this day on the ground of the Peoria State Hospital. Is the ghost of Rhoda Derry Finally at peace? We discuss this tragic story today with Sylvia Shults.

What was the first reported encounter of Rhoda after her passing?

When The Peoria State Hospital was in operation as a hospital, did the ghost of Rhoda haunt the doctors and patients?

What did Rhoda say from the grave when an investigator tried to bring her chewing tobacco?

Is Rhoda still suffering in the same way she did in life, on the other side?

Is there a way to communicate with Rhoda today?

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