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Chad and Timothy continue their night at Gazoo’s Woods. After spending more time at the cemetery, they drive to the other side and approach Gazoo’s Woods from the opposite side. Red eyeshine is seen. Requests are made, and responses are given. Weird cries are heard. Something is thrown. A few days later, Timothy returns to Gazoo’s Woods alone and finds a possible tree structure and a stuffed animal…with the eyes torn out.

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Possible tree structure found over the trail - about where we saw the eyeshine a few nights before.

Possible tree structure found over the trail – about where we saw the eyeshine a few nights before.

The offering area at the cemetery - with the rock Chad left in the middle.

The offering area at the cemetery – with the rock Chad left in the middle.

I found the pug after all.

I found the pug after all.

Its eyes were torn out. Creepy.

Its eyes were torn out. Creepy.

The remains of the pony stuffed animal, under a fence rail.

The remains of the pony stuffed animal, under a fence rail.

Wolf spider.

Wolf spider.

Wolf spider, close-up.

Wolf spider, close-up.

Strange Familiars Photo of the Week #75: Possible Cult Leader


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