Gary Arnold – Armed with a simple $5 Tracfone, Gary Communicates with Disembodied Whispers!! This is My Alien Life!!

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Armed with a simple $5 old school Tracfone, Gary Arnold has recorded and has demonstrated bizarre interactions with disembodied whispers.  These peculiar whispers defy any rational explanation.  

Oxford Pennsylvania filmmaker Gary Arnold describes his trailblazing documentary.   *Subterranean Séance: (The Evidence Speaks) as only the first installment of his ongoing and groundbreaking investigation into the perplexingly strange fringe subject called – the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).  Using just a $5 old school Tracfone’s digital recorder, Arnold convincingly demonstrates his mindbogglingly bizarre interactions with disembodied whispers.  These peculiar whispers defy any rational explanation…  Gary Arnold’s 29-minute debut film takes the audience on a thought-provoking quest to try to understand something completely unfathomable and shrouded in mystery.  Arnold describes — Subterranean Séance — as both an entertaining EVP audio treasure hunt along with an expeditious glimpse of an online scientific analysis of several of his extremely creepy clips.  He details how historically these EVP audio recordings have often been viewed by mainstream science as a “hot potato or “taboo topic” – the purview of ghost hunters and paranormal peddling “reality” TV shows that conjure ratings rather than utilize serious science.  Mainstream scientists often dismiss the Electronic Voice Phenomenon outright in much the same way as they look askance to any serious effort to understand the equally intriguing experience of déjà vu. These radical concepts are considered too fringe.  EVP recordings have been virtually ignored — thereby effectively marginalizing their significance and relegating any investigation of them to the outermost sphere of pseudo-science and ridicule.

Gary’s method is entirely different than others out there.  This podcast walks you through his process and leaves enough for your imagination to wander to his website and watch his documentary.  

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