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Future Humans and the UFOs, Time for New Thinking…Diane Tessman is here! This is My Alien Life!

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Tonight we discover the over-looked evidence, that UFO occupants are time traveling humans. Have aliens visited earth and have we missed a huge piece of the UFO puzzle?  Diane Tessman is in the studio and we are discussing Future Humans and the UFOs, Time for New Thinking…

Future Humans and the UFOs” presents the possibility, backed with physics and over-looked evidence, that UFO occupants are time traveling humans. It may be that extraterrestrials visit Earth as well, but we have missed a huge piece of the UFO puzzle. In 1947, when Kenneth Arnold first saw flying saucers, it was assumed occupants must be ETs from distant star systems because, “traveling back in time is impossible.” However, Einstein never said time travel back is impossible; with today’s science and technology making huge leaps forward, more physicists and others are theorizing that the visitors in our skies may well be humans from the future. This book features information on the USS Nimitz and USS Roosevelt Navy fighter pilots’ interactions with strange “Tic-Tac” capsules and how UAPs manage to move as they do. Theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti offers the specifics of his “low power warp” which incorporates metamaterials into the skin of the craft, creating a zero-gravity bubble. This may account for not only the Tic-Tacs’ propulsion, but holds the key to warping space and traveling back in time. We offer a fresh look at the motivations of UFO occupants as they harass nuclear installations and turn off the codes of nuclear warheads atop missiles. Current insufficient storage of nuclear waste will be dangerous for a half-life of 15.7 million years; what dangers do Future Humans face because of our irresponsibility? What about global warming and climate chaos in 200 years or one million years? Dr. Michael Masters offers bio-evolutionary information on the human and humanoid entities who are assumed to be extraterrestrials; they almost certainly are human. We review Leonard Stringfield’s shocking UFO crash/retrieval information, look in depth at abductions, and delve into advanced technology which connects to Future Humans, seeming like magic. With his best wishes, Jacques Vallee has allowed the author to print his research paper with the hypothesis it is not extraterrestrials, but from “any-where and any-when,” originating from time on this Earth. Also included are possibilities on ancient time travelers as part of our history and amazing new info on Star Trek.


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