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Turning Heartbreak into Happiness | Episode 008

This week’s Expert’s Chair is Tinka Bel Boczek, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath and Witch, explains how there is difference between being intuitive and being an empath when doing psychic work with people. She opens up about your life story and how she found happiness within herself and shows us how you can turn heartbreak into happiness.

Meanwhile on The Main Event, Registered Nurse and specialist in palliative care Sharmini Varunan shares her emotional story on what it was like helping people transition to the next life throughout the pandemic. Sharmini explains how the emotional side of passing on is just as important as the physical elements of her job.

WWRS (3:45)
The Expert’s Chair (8:00): Tinka Bel Boczek
Facebook- @Tinka’s Spiritual Belly
Email- tinkabelboczek@gmail.com
The Main Event (28:15): Sharmini Varunan RN

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