Free Psychic Readings with Jason Zuk and Psychic Andy this Friday, 7/29/22

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I am pleased to offer Free Readings with Psychic Andy this Friday,7/29/22 from 7-8 p.m. EST.  

Andy is a Master Psychic, Expert Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Instructor who has provided readings to clients for over 30 years.  Our guest specializes in a variety of intuitively guided tarot systems including LeNormande and Rider-Waite.  He is well versed within the disciplines of western (tropical) astrology and eastern (Vedic, sidereal, Indian) astrological systems, as well as western Esotericism.   Andy discovered his gifts as a teenager, while learning that these gifts were inherited and practiced by his family members for several generations.   Andy truly enjoys providing answers for private relationship matters that need to be resolved, whether personal or professional.   He can provide insight on every matter as needed, however complex an issue, and for those issues that you think wouldn’t be easily understood.  Andy prides himself on remaining unbiased on all matters as he works with his clients to help and not to judge.  

I look forward to taking questions from members of our audience with Andy!   

Psychic Andy’s website: