Forum Borealis – Al | Paradigm Expansion, Psychological Manipulation, and Esoteric Scandinavia

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Al Borealis, Host of an incredible podcast titled Forum Borealis, joins us to discuss his thoughts on The term “Conspiracy” and its larger sociological implications on our culture. I asked him about his origin and what inspired Forum Borealis, which somehow gave way for a conversation about how I started podcasting, I then asked Al to tell us about the Esoteric aspects which allowed him to explain what he finds most interesting about Scandinavian culture in our modern era and in past historical periods, he shared his insights into Viking Culture, The history of The Celtic Christian Church’s presence in Scandinavia and the many changes that have occurred since. I asked Al for his take on Tartaria which created an opportunity for him to explain the finer aspects and levels of critical thinking that takes place within him and why. This was the 1st of many, I have quickly become a big fan of his podcast and encourage everyone to go to and support his work with a 1 time donation! You’ll get access to every episode of Forum Borealis, and Help me show my guests that we have the most supportive audience in the whole podcast world!

Juan Ayala, Friend, Co-Host, and Creator of The Juan on Juan Podcast Joins me for the extended outro. Happy Birthday Juan.

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