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Cian leaves his Essex cabin in search of mystery: join our host on the first Wide Atlantic Weird road trip as he travels to Scotland to investigate the site of the famous Dechmont Woods encounter of 1979.

This case has it all: a credible witness, a police investigation, and a sighting of craft and ‘creatures’ utterly unique in the UFO canon of alien greys and silver-suited Nordics. In all seriousness, it’s one of those classic ‘high strangeness’ cases that still baffles today, one so deeply odd that any attempt to explain it results in even less credible scenarios.

It’s going to take more than bad service station coffee for Cian to keep his nerve on his investigation into THE DECHMONT WOODS ENCOUNTER.

New Theme Music by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill

Video clips:

Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World


She Is In The Woods by COAG