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This episode we’ve got some of our favourite tenous-link Halloween news stories today on the paranormal radar. We have listener stories from Harriett, Tony and Selena, and an update from Caroline about the ghost chicken.

We’ll be chatting to our very special guest, Folklorist Icy Sedgwick, about Folklore and the Paranormal and we round out the show with some of your recollections of Ghostwatch; we were thrilled that so many of you got in touch to share these with us following the release of our special Ghostwatch bonus episode on Halloween.


00:00:00 – 00:02:15     Intro

00:02:16 – 00:17:15     Paranormal Radar

00:17:16 – 00:23:57     Caroline – Ghost Chicken Story

00:23:58 – 00:39:28     Harriett’s Story

00:39:29 – 00:49:45     Tony’s Stories

00:49:46 – 00:55:29     Selena’s Stories

00:55:30 – 02:00:33     Interview with Icy Sedgwick

02:00:34 – 02:08:19     Ghostwatch comments

02:08:20 – 02:09:18     Outro