Flying Saucer Cinema: Day The Earth Stood Still vs Thing From Another World (with Dr Edward Guimont)

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Cian welcomes Dr Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about two seminal 1951 flying saucer movies. There’ll be saucers skipping across water (whyever would you do that?), McCarthyism, and pulp-era sci-fi authors acting like jerks. Topics include:

-our history with both movies

-the short story ‘Farewell To The Master’ and 1930s pulp Sci-fi origins

-Robert Wise and Star Trek: The Motionless Picture

-The Star Wars Expanded Universe

-The classic flying saucer shape on film

-Klaatu and the Contactees

-Comparisons to Star Trek: First Contact

-John W Campbell and pulp sci-fi magazines

-Ancient astronauts and The Thing

-Mad scientist archetypes

-McCarthyism in 50s sci-fi


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