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Welcome to the wonderful world of weird!

This week we have an extra CREEPY episode for you that may make you rethink that old radio you still keep in your garage.

This week Ashley is detailing the history of the discovery and research of ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON otherwise known as EVPs

A lot of people don’t realize that the study of these strange voices coming through our radios and showing up on our recordings has existed since we discovered Radio Waves!  And since radio waves are a natural part of our world… how do we know they aren’t carrying voices from beyond the grave?  From another dimension?  From our own MINDS?!  

We cover past research into who is working on this study today and we even share a handful of our OWN EVPs we’ve captured over the years so you can hear them again (or for the first time!)  Be aware– you may need headphones to hear these bad-boys clearly.

Lauren rounds out our episode with a brand new segment where we travel to RUSSIA to find a city thats all about…. chess?  And an alien told them to build it?  What is happening?

And of course we end our episode with a thought provoking WEIRD question that we’d love you to answer by calling 626-686-1821 and leaving us a message!