Flight Path

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media.


Margaret and Jack appear to be the only survivors of a plane crash.  But how come they are without a single scratch? And where are the crew and the rest of the passengers?


Flight Path was written by Deborah Sheldon and was originally published on SouthernFM 88.3 on 5 March 2013. Deborah is an award-winning author from Melbourne, Australia who writes short stories, novellas, and novels across the darker spectrum of horror, crime, and noir. Some of her award-nominated titles include the novels Body Farm ZContrition and Devil Dragon, the novella Thylacines, and the collection Figments and Fragments: Dark Stories. Her collection Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories won the Australian Shadows Award for “Best Collected Work”. Her fiction has also been shortlisted for numerous Aurealis and Australian Shadows Awards, long-listed for a Bram Stoker, and included in “best of” anthologies. Other credits include TV scripts, feature articles, non-fiction books, and award-winning anthology editing and medical writing. 


Check out more of her work at http://deborahsheldon.wordpress.com


Margaret was performed by Sarah Jane Justice. Sarah is an award-winning spoken word artist, a published prose author and poet, and an accomplished musician and songwriter. With endless motivation and enthusiasm for all areas of her work, she is always working toward her next major project. To see more of Sarah’s work, head over to www.sarahjanejusticewriting.com or connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sarahjanejusticewriting


Jack was performed by James Barnett. James is a writer, narrator, editor, podcast producer, and reluctant Transport Manager from Victoria, Australia. For more work from James, head to www.jamesbarnettcreative.com or connect with him on Twitter and Instagram follow @jimmyhorrors


Pilot was performed by Bryan Jeans.


Jimmy Horrors was performed by James Barnett


Allegra was performed by Rebecca Struzyna from the podcast The West London Witch.


This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett


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