FLASHBACK FRIDAY | #35: Propaganda: Made in America Since 2012

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Those dirty Russians used propaganda to convince their people that their country was indestructible, that their system of government was popular, and that bread lines were normal. Those poor bastards with their lying government were the laughing stock of the world because it was obvious that the people were not getting the truth from those in charge in Moscow.

Well, the United States of America just put the “pro” in “propaganda” when they passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which legalized propaganda by the American government to be used against the American people under President Obama. It had been illegal since the 1940s, but Obama wanted his lies to be legal so he changed the law and stuffed it in the NDAA so that no one would notice.

There is no monopoly on the truth, but America waived its right to contend that propaganda is just some old idea developed by the Soviets when they changed the laws so that the lies of government could be legally broadcast on the nightly news without any repercussions.


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