Flashback Friday | #254: The Empire Has No Clothes

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The people in positions of power are losing the information war and it shows by their increasingly deceptive and laughable ways of trying to hide the truth. They have decided that if they don’t like the current definition of something they can just change the meaning and the problem magically goes away.

Nowhere was the manipulation of words more prevalent and obvious than when it came to defining almost every aspect of the COVID lies, from how one defines herd immunity, to changing what constitutes a vaccine, to rewriting what it means to be “fully vaccinated”, or what a vaccination even does. They changed all of it in order to suit their narrative.

People are waking up to this and as they do they are getting a bad feeling about where things are headed. When it is so easy to fact-check these people and prove their manipulation and lies, and they do it anyway, it becomes clear that this is a dangerous animal that is willing to do just about anything to avoid being caught.

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